How I work
Project pricing

Most of my work is billed hourly, but I also welcome well-defined fee-per-project work. Once we have agreed to the details of your project, including delivery schedule, I'll provide a quote. Unless otherwise specified, I consider a standard project to include up to two rounds of revisions, if needed. Significant scope changes may require renegotiation or additional hourly charges.

Payment schedule

Hourly rate: Billed weekly, due on receipt.

Fee-per-project rate: If the total project estimate is under $3,000, one third upon contract agreement, balance upon delivery of final draft.

Over $3,000: One third upfront, one third upon submission of the first draft, and one third on delivery. (Extended works such as ghostwriting complete books, for example, may require payment schedule based on chapter delivery.)

Payment terms, project rate

Project rate fee includes initial draft and two revisions, if needed.

All revisions must be completed no later than 30 days following submission of the first draft.

Rights transfer to you only after receipt of final payment. Material may not be published in any form until rights are received.

If project is terminated during the copywriting phase, I will provide a pro-rated bill for all work completed.

A rush fee of 50% above agreed project costs is added for last-minute projects and unusually tight deadlines.

Additional revisions or complete change in project direction will be charged by a re-negotiated fee or at an hourly rate.

Additional fees may apply for on-site meetings or extended consulting.

How I determine my fee

Although the length of the project is a factor, other considerations are usually more important. If I am editing, for example, an extended white paper written by someone who doesn’t have the time or skill to exercise care in their draft, I may need to spend much more time trying to figure out what they’re trying to say, than I spend actually correcting grammar and punctuation. Additional research is often needed in such cases.

Likewise, for original material there is usually extensive research that precedes the start of a first draft. For example, if I am writing your web site copy, I’ll need to know what your primary competitors are saying about your product, and their own. One of the keys to being successful in your communications is to identify that one thing that makes your product different and better.

Finally, concept and creative approach can be a time-consuming process. But these are vital for delivery of a final product that meets your expectations and that delivers results. Other factors considered in fee estimates include meetings, interviews, external research, and the degree of consultancy involved.

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