I've successfully worked in print, video, web, and just about any other communication medium you may have in mind.

  • Web content
  • Ghostwriting
  • Video scripts
  • Video production
  • Transliteration to the American idiom
  • Translation of "tech speak" and "corporate speak"
  • Press releases
  • Technical documentation
  • Brochures
  • Speechwriting
  • Executive interviews
  • Newsletters
  • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance
  • NIST/FISMA compliance
  • IT security policies and procedures
  • White papers and more

Most of my clients have multiple advanced degrees, and often decades of experience in their fields. They've got big thoughts, and lots of them. 

Teams I work with regularly rely on me to help them effectively translate obscure “tech speak” and "corporate speak" into tight, seamless prose, and to activate an author’s voice to create crisp, accessible content.

In addition, English is a second language for many of my clients. I've collaborated with native speakers of Russian, Spanish, Hindi, Chinese, Korean and other languages, who have written brilliantly about a topic, but for whom the nuances of the American idiom can be a frustrating challenge. 

Like my other clients, you may be looking for someone to pull the pieces together, liven up your writing, and keep your readers interested. 

Take a look at some of my recent projects to learn more.

"Clint has a very positive attitude and is a wonderful individual to work with."
Jamil Farschi, Chief Information Security Officer, Home Depot